Theme of World Dance Alliance – AP Event in Bangladesh

The theme for the 4 day event of World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific - ‘BRIDGING THE GAP’ - refers to the ability of dance to bridge the gap between social, cultural and economic situations within society.

In the cultural sphere dance has the ability to bridge the gap between :
  • Tradition and contemporary
  • Different languages of dance from all over the world
  • The body and the mind

The various differences in society too can be bridged through dance, such as, the bridge between:
  • The young and old
  • The abled and disabled
  • Different genders

Lastly, dance provides an outlet which can be a meeting point between:
  • The affluence and deprivation
  • And between various ethnic communities

We hope that the seminar will provide creative solutions to build an equal and equitable space through creative works of dance.