About Us

A ‘National Committee’ led by Nrityajog – Bangladesh Chapter of World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific (WDA-AP) has been formed to organize the WDA-AP AGM followed by the ‘OCEAN DANCE FESTIVAL OF BANGLADESH’
The National Committee comprises of dancers from all over Bangladesh



Delhi, 2009


New York, 2010


Taiwan, 2017

  • Nrityajog is the Bangladesh Chapter of World Dance Alliance – Asia Pacific. It is registered as ‘Nrityajog Society’.
  • Bangladesh has been part of WDA-AP since 2009.
  • Nrityajog participated in WDA-AP AGM in New Delhi in 2009; WDA-GLOBAL AGM in New York in 2010; World Dance Alliance – Americas AGM in New Foundland in 2017, and finally WDA-AP AGM in Taiwan, also in 2017.
  • We believe that after almost 10 years, it is appropriate that Bangladesh should host the AGM in 2019.

About World Dance Alliance

WDA serves as a primary voice for dance and dancers throughout the world, and encourages the exchange of ideas and the awareness of dance in all forms. WDA operates via three regional centres with an overarching global executive bringing the three together in matters of policy and global projects.

The three regional centres

  • WDA–Americas
  • WDA–Asia Pacific
  • WDA- Europe

Secretary General: Anis Mohd Nor.
WDA-Asia Pacific: Urmimala Sarkar
WDA-Americas: Cristina Goletti, The University of Texas at El Paso, USA
WDA-Europe: Fiona Bannon, Leeds University, UK
For further information: www.worlddancealliance.org.